September 7, 2016

Lego Birthday Party - M turns 6!

This post is a bit fact, it's so late that M is about to turn 7.  I still can't believe that my baby is so old!  He wanted a Lego birthday party, so I wanted to share with you what I did!!

First thing's first. Here is the invite that I created for his party...
You can purchase this exact invite (personalized of course for your needs) on my Etsy Shop.

Here is his birthday banner backdrop.  I just took a few plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree and some colored paper plates and made this cute "Lego brick" backdrop.  I got the Happy Birthday Banner from Target already made. Bonus!! I made the name for Chi by printing out the letters on cardstock.  Super cute right?!

 Here are his favor bags.  I again went to Walmart and got cheap colored sacks and then printed out the lego logos from this blog here.
The favor tags were from this blog. Inside the favor bags were a few items.  Target actually has a really great lego favor section and I got most of it there:

 For the food table backdrop, again, I just used Dollar Tree Table Cloths and Paper plates.  Super simple.
 This was fun to make and FREE!! I just used his Lego bricks and built his name.  The cake however was a major disaster. I don't recommend replicating it. LOL.
 Fruit salad for no other reason than that's what he wanted and it's healthy. :)
 How adorable are these cheese Lego bricks?!
 You can't go wrong with Cheese and Crackers!
 This is a horrible photo, but it's just lemonade with a Lego face drawn in Dry Erase Marker.
 For the centerpieces, I just filled little buckets with Lego bricks and taped these free downloadable signs to some chopsticks.  I backed them with foam sheets from the Dollar Tree and glued them
M wanted to help decorate, so I let him arrange his lego minifigs however he wanted. :)
 These guys were fun and the kids loved them!  Just plain yellow cups from the Dollar Tree and I used a Sharpie to draw the faces on them!
 Bad Cop
 This banner I did make.  I used foam sheets from the Dollar Tree and glued come circles that I cut from them as well. Then I printed out his name in a Lego font and voila!
 The birthday boy opening his presents

At least he loved the cake. :)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you got some good ideas for your next Lego party!

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