February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Mantle

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I love the way the red and pink and cream and all shades of Look like in my home.  Here's a pic of my current Mantle for Valentine's Day!
Let's take a look around...
 Remember these apothecary jars I made last year?!  They are still going strong and I use them for just about every holiday!  Here I just stuffed them with tissue paper in the coordinating colors.
 Here's a better look at this side.
 In the center I used the same window I used for my Winter Mantle and cut out some cute "I Love U" letters and then taped them to the window panes.  I left my family pictures up from the Winter Mantle.  This was a really easy turn over.
 Again, the same candle holders from my Winter Mantle and just grouped them to the same side.  I changed out the candles with some red and silver sparkly ones and voila...Valentine's Day! :)
 This ADORABLE garland was made with my silhouette, but it is really easy to do so without the aide of my fancy machine.  You can find out how on My Craft Evolution!
 I love the way this garland turned out!
 I used curling ribbon to thread it together.
There you have it...my Valentine's Day Mantle.  Simple, yet festive! What do you think?!