September 7, 2016

Boys can have Frozen Birthday Parties too! - G turns 9!

What is all of this about "FROZEN" is just for girls?!  Sooooo not true!  In fact, my little G is obsessed with Olaf and Elsa and Anna.  Frozen is his favorite movie! So of course we had to have a FROZEN themed Birthday party!  It works very well because his birthday is in January, so a winter themed party seemed like a no brainier!
This year, G asked for a pinata!  I've never done one of these before, but this was a GREAT idea!  No hitting the snowman, just pull a string and out pops the candy!!

Here are the invitations that I made for G's party!
 You can purchase one for your little Frozen fan at my Etsy shop!

The backdrop for this party took a little more time than I prepared for, but it was really cool!
I took 3 different colors of plastic tablecloths and taped them on top of each other, then I cut strips in them all the way except for maybe a foot from the top.  Then I tied 3 strips at a time together near where I stopped cutting. You can kinda see the knot at the top under the "snow."  After all that was done, then I cut "snow drifts" from white tissue paper and taped them on top of the tablecloths to hide most of the knots. 
The banner is made out of foam both blue and white (white glued on top) and then I took a Sharpie and wrote on each piece.

I decided to take advantage of some store bought decor this year and I was very happy with the way it turned out.  I usually opt for the DIY stuff, but this actually was pretty cute!
The centerpieces, tablecloths and napkins were all purchased from the store.  G punched some snowflakes out of some white paper to use as confetti to decorate.  The cups are the cheapo white cups from the store as well and I just used a black and orange sharpie to draw Olaf's face on them.

I decorated the banquet room with Christmas ornaments! I just hung white snowflakes from the ceiling and then made these bad boys out of construction paper to hang as well.
Again, not hard to make, just time consuming. You can find a tutorial of how to make these snowflakes here. I used a full size of construction paper for each of these pieces so mine were pretty large!

Now let's move onto the food!!
The backdrop here was MUCH simpler!  I just used the Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth again and then taped some foam snowflakes that I again got from the Dollar Tree.  The poster was one that G got from a coloring book or something like that and really wanted to use it as part of the decoration. Who am I to argue with the Birthday Boy?!

I'm really excited and proud of the cake, so let's start with that!
 This is not a great picture, but my ceiling was apparently not high enough for me to take a picture with the whole thing in the full frame!  Here's a close-up of just half of his body though...
This was SO EASY!!! It's just a bunch of cupcakes placed together and then iced as one Olaf!!  I piped the arms on and the buttons and then added the face and voila!! Instant cake! There was no cutting involved or anything! Just hand out the cupcakes to each kid and there you go!  I'm going to see if the kids will allow something like this every year! I loved it and there was NO STRESS!!

Let's go around the rest of the food table...
These sandwiches are made from Hawaiian rolls, lunchmeat and cheese! I made a Turkey version and a Ham version.  No mayo or anything, just dry.  They could add mayo or ketchup if they wanted, but most of the kids ate them as is.
I think you can figure out what went into this. :)
Yep, just pretzel sticks.
This is just blue raspberry jello.  The kids ate it up!
Okay, so this I had to do a little bit of work...these marshmallows were dipped in chocolate and then covered in blue sprinkles.  I used cake pop sticks to do that with. I really meant it when I said a LITTLE bit of work!
One of my favorite items on the menu...Swedish Meatballs! And yes, they have to be Swedish!!  It is a FROZEN party after all. :) Yum yum!!

So for the favors, we again, utilized the store bought items.
Everything that went inside them came from a Favor Pack that was Olaf Themed.  Even the bags came with it!  Totally easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

And there you have it!!! I hope you found some great ideas and are ready to plan your next Frozen party for either a girl or a boy! Happy Celebrating!

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