November 16, 2013

Birthday Season is Rolling Around Again


It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to make sure to update you on this year's birthday themes!!

My boys are about to be 7 and 4! Can you believe it?!  It's amazing to me how fast time flies.  It feels like just yesterday we were bringing them back from the hospital.'s birthday time again and my boys have picked some really fun themes!  Of course, all the great birthday party pictures will come after the party, but I wanted to update you on the themes and a couple of things I've been working on.

M is into everything boy!  This includes all sports involving a ball, trains, cars and of course, SUPERHEROS.  And since the new THOR 2 movie just came out (a great one I might add) he's all into the AVENGERS and CAPTIAN AMERICA.  So, mommy is putting it into motion!!  I created this great subway art to display:

He loves it!  Do you love it too?!  You can get your own customize for your little Superhero on my Etsy Shop: Pvbs 31 Mom!  I'd love to create one for your party.

I also created a Happy Birthday Banner for him and some Food Tent Cards.  Some of the food items we will be having are:

Captain America's Shield - Fruit Tray
Thor's Hammers - Pretzels and Chunk Cheese
Arc Reactors - Bagel Bites with little Mozzarella circles in the center
Hawkeye's Arrows - Celery and Carrots in Ranch Dressing
Avengers Suit Up - Pigs in a Blanket
S.H.I.E.L.D Spinach Dip - You can probably figure this one out. :)
Hulk Punch - Your classic Sprite and Lime Sherbet wedding punch

His invitations are some of the cutest things I've ever seen.  Here's a sneak peek:

That's my little Superhero!!

For favors I'm thinking about making Superhero capes for everyone.  I found a great tutorial on Pinterest (the Holy Grail of party planning) and am contemplating it.  We are also saving frozen pizza cardboards, because M and I are going to paint them like Captain America Shields for everyone.  Seems great to me!  What do you think about our AVENGERS party?

Of course, since both my boys bookend the Christmas Holidays, I can't start thinking about M's party without planning G's party too.  They are after all only 3 weeks apart.  Funny thing, I never wanted a Christmas baby.  Always thought that would have been a bad idea.  God thought it would be funny to give me a Jan 9 baby for our first...then apparently He didn't think that was ironic and hilarious enough, so M was born December 21.  His due date was actually Christmas Eve, but we had a C-section scheduled a few days before.  Very funny, Lord. :)

So my precious G.  Some of you may remember his health complications and honestly, that's why I haven't posted much lately because we've been dealing with more kidney and heart stuff with him.  Also, once school started, all the teacher meetings and such have gotten in the way.  Regardless, G picked a PIRATE party theme this year.  This is great! Because I scooped up some pirate costumes for my hubby and G and some pirate accessories right after Halloween this year for cheap!  So here is G's subway art:

Of course, you can get this one customized for your little pirate on my Etsy Shop as well!  G's party is still in the early stages of planning, but of course there will be invites that look like a treasure map, and a treasure hunting game for gold coins.  The kids will "walk the plank" to enter the house and our house will be adorned with a big "X" to mark the spot of the party.  The favors for these little pirates will be some swords and eye patches and we will be making a "hook" craft for the kids to take home with them.  We will also read a book about pirates and eat some great pirate grub.

Some food items will be:
Fish & Chips - Goldfish and Potato Chips mixed together
Cannon Balls - Black Olives
Dead Man's Fingers - Hot Dogs
Pirate Jewels - Grapes
Pirate Ships - Orange Slices in Blue Jell-O
First Mates - Bananas Decorated like Pirates - I mean how cute is this?!

G's Cake will look either like a Pirate Ship or a Pirate Hat...I'm not sure which I will do yet.

Well, that's about it for now in as I continue to plan these amazing parties for my littles!

What do you think? Have a great idea I should incorporate for these parties? What amazing party themes have you thrown this year?! I can't wait to hear your comments!!

Want to see how the parties turned out?!  Check out the posts below!!