September 5, 2016

Elf on the CHRISTmas Shelf - Days 21-24

We're almost done!  This is the last week of Turkey Activities.  Just hang on with me for a couple more ideas.

So remember when a couple of days ago we made the Christmas Cookies?  They weren't just for us to eat or have fun baking.  Every year we try to go around our Neighborhood and Carol to the neighbors houses.  It's really fun and usually really cold here, but our Small Group gets together and we all go out.  After we sing, we usually hand them a small baggie of Christmas Cookies!  So, tonight, was the night that we scheduled to do this activity.  Turkey (and Buddy) announced the event with great glee!
 Of course, Buddy had to quote one of my favorite lines from the movie "Elf" as well! Here are the downloadable cards for both the verse:
...and the "Elf" quote:
We've now gone caroling 3 years in a row and have heard from the neighbors that they look forward to it every year now.  It's a lot of fun to see people come to the door with smiles on their faces and know that they aren't being asked for anything, just to enjoy the Christmas Spirit and some kindness.

Those pesky elves need some more Grace today. During the night they found our dry erase markers and drew elf hats on all our pictures. My goodness.  The boys loved looking at every picture in our house and laughing at all the hats.

This one is a little harder than it looks.  You need to position your elf so that just the correct counter balance happens.  Otherwise your elf will fall over and look all freaky (more than normal).  Good luck!

Today is a BIG day in our house!! M is turning 6!!! He is such a sweet little man and we are very excited to celebrate his birthday!  He had a Lego party this year, so Turkey decided to tell him Happy Birthday with a Lego sign!  This was really fun to put together. :) You can make your sign say anything you want really.  Anything with Legos will be exciting for the kiddos.
Today's lesson was about Contentment.  We just came off the Birthday Party and we are about to have Christmas, so I wanted to make sure that the boys realized that it is important to be content with what they already have.  Not to constantly be wanting more and to be upset if they didn't get the large present that they asked for or didn't ask for but wanted.

You can download the verse card here
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