September 3, 2016

Elf on the CHRISTmas Shelf Days 4-6

Again, Turkey is teaching us a lesson. Today it's about Salvation and uses the verse Isaiah 9:6.  Again, this is not entirely my idea and I need to give credit to Crayon Marks & Tiger Stripes for the initial idea.

Yes, that is a Manger that Turkey is next to.  We do not put presents under our tree during the advent season.  Instead, we have an empty manger.  On Christmas Day the boys wake up to a tree full of presents and a Baby Jesus lying in the manger.  It is the only baby doll we have in this house full of boys. I wrap him in a white baby blanket and in the morning we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we open any presents.  We really want the boys focusing on the Ultimate Gift and not just what they are getting for their material gifts.

Here is the card Turkey is pointing to:
 You can download it here.

This one was one of the boys' favorites.  They thought it was so silly that Turkey put googly eyes on everything. :)


Today is a very very special day that we celebrate in our house! Today is G's HAPPY HEART DAY!  When G was 10 months old he had to have Open Heart Surgery to literally save his life.
Every year, we celebrate this day by a special dinner or fun night with the family.  Needless to say, this day is symbolic of lots of JOY in our house.  
And again, here is the verse card for Joy. You can download it here.
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