September 3, 2016

Elf on the CHRISTMAS Shelf Days 1-3

 Hello again!  Do you want to see what Turkey was doing his first few days of life with us?  Well...

Turkey does a puzzle.  My boys love puzzles and I thought the boys would get a kick out of Turkey doing one too.  We didn't have a Bible Verse or Character Trait with this one.  In fact, not all our days were spent on teaching moments.  Some were just for fun.
Do you know about the hack of how to make your Elf pose-able?  And how to put velcro on his hands so that you can do more things with him?  Check out this tutorial here.  When I did it, I didn't use a very thick wire.  It still worked for 1 season, but I think I'm going to beef it up for next year.

Today, Turkey taught the boys about Belief.  Today was the first day of traits and lessons that Turkey taught us.  I got this one from Crayon Marks & Tiger Stripes.  In fact, several of my ideas (when Turkey taught us lessons) came from her. Thanks!!
The card with him is here:
 To download this card, click here.

This was one of my favorite days.  The boys thought it was so funny that Turkey found some friends. They kept laughing about how Hulk was on the Dinosaur and took turns guessing who they thought would win the race.
No lesson today, just plain fun.

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