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Check out these other great links to blogs/websites that I support!

My Mary Kay Website
Remember when I said I run a few businesses out of my home? Well this is one of them! I LOVE my Mary Kay!  I've been changing women's lives since the month after my wedding and love every minute of it!  If you're looking for just a new lipstick, a brand new makeover and look to your skin, or a way to make some extra money, check out my website and contact me.  I even do Skype appointments where I send samples by mail and we can talk over Skype!  I do operate by the Golden Rule, so please, only contact me for samples or product if you do not currently have a Mary Kay Consultant. :)

Forte Quartet
And...here's another business of mine. :) When I'm not a mom or making other women feel beautiful about what God gave them, I'm a professional cellist.  I actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX.  Our quartet plays for weddings and corporate events in our area.  There are some samples of us on the website as well, so happy listening!

Daily Refined
This is my sister's blog! She writes about what God is showing her, literature, writing and her experiences in her daily life. She's a freelance editor and blogger.  Check it out!

Third Avenue Photography
Do you find yourself asking, "Who took those amazing pictures of you and your family?!" I know I would if they weren't of me and my family! :) Anyway, check out this blog of our family photographer, Anna Roberts.  She's AMAZING and has such a great eye.  If you're local, then make sure to call her for your next wedding, senior portrait, family or baby shoot, or if you just want some great pictures! Again...AMAZING!!

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