September 5, 2016

Elf on the CHRISTmas Shelf - Days 14-16

Today, Turkey suggested that the kids watch his favorite movie!  He was armed complete with popcorn and hot chocolate ready for a fun night with the family!
Here is the downloadable card:

Today, Turkey was working hard and persevering to catch his dinner.  Those fish can be pesky sometimes. 
The fish and fishing wand came from a really cool Go Fish game by Mattel.  It's great for preschoolers and young kids.  You can also do this by putting goldfish crackers in the sink and using a makeshift pole. 

Of course, the perfect verse to go with this topic is Philippians 4:13.  Download the card here.

Do you want to build a snowman?!  To make this one, just get 3 rolls of Toilet Paper and print out this page from Coupon Geek with all the Snowman pieces.  Cut out what you need and use tape to attach them to the snowman.  It works best if there are a few friends to help build the Snowman.
You can print the card here.

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To download my entire Plan 1 Elf Calendar click here.  There are 27 different ideas here!
To download the companion document listing all the needed Supplies and Pictures, click here.  
To download all the Cards/Signs that you will need for Plan 1 click here (not including Hello or Goodbye letters). You can also download every sign individually by visiting each post. I hope you get some use out of this!!

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