January 5, 2013

Mickey Mouse Birthday

So if you've read my earlier post about Make-a-Wish, then you know that G is TOTALLY into Mickey Mouse right now!  He's been asking for a Mickey Mouse party since July.  We'll it's finally here!  His birthday!  We are celebrating all out in Mickey Style this year!  He's turning 6 (can't believe he's that old) and ultimately we will be celebrating in Disney World for his actual birthday thanks to MAW!!

So here's the invite for his big party:

For the decorations, I decided to stick with the easy theme of the 3 colors, red, black and yellow.  All of the decor I found at the Dollar Tree or Walmart in the party section. I didn't spend more than $1 on anything (except the printing) and I think it turned out great!  So without further ado...

Here are some of the decorations:
The dining table

This is just made of tissue paper and cardstock for the ears.

Cute little centerpieces using Dollar Tree items!

The birthday mantle

Since it was a party for a boy, my husband wouldn't let me put up many of these pom pom balls, but this was our compromise. As long as they had Mickey Ears and were kept to a minimum. :)

The subway art that I created! Of course, his name has been blocked out.

I hung all of these streamers on our ceiling for fun! :) I definitely got a work out on this one.

The birthday banner and throne.

Complete with Mickey balloons of course!

You can find a printable of the template for this banner here.  I had to add the letters in word since I don't have a fancy cutter thing like the blogger does.  It worked out great though!

For an activity, I found this 10 ft coloring banner.  We taped it to our coffee table and set out some crayons.  The kids loved it!

He's very excited about the coloring!

The Front Door Welcome Sign...yes, that is snow in our front yard. Sadly, it's melting, but looked pretty for a little while at least.

I created this sign too for our front door! The basics of it came from this free printable!

Party hats...that the kids did not want to wear, but they were cute nonetheless.

Favors.  Each cup (from Walmart) is loaded with a set of stickers and a tattoo.

Alas, what party wouldn't be complete without food!

The spread

  This was a big hit...everyone loved the play on words.

 This was a spreadable cheese dip thing that I found a the grocery store.  So yummy.

This was my favorite...Cheese and Quackers. :)

Nothing says Mickey Mouse Party like Star Wars plates. :)  We actually have a case of these that were given to us, so they are used for EVERY party. :)

My Birthday Boy!

I can't believe he's almost 6!

Blowing out the candles.

It was a good party. I hope you enjoyed the decorations!

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