January 2, 2014

Avenger's Birthday Party

Success!  My little M turned 4 and he had a SUPER time!  There is a lot to show you about this party, so let's get started!!

First of all, here are some of the decorations!  This was the wall that was in the big room with the table.  I used a couple of $1 Tablecloths and taped them to the wall.  Then I hung a pre-made Birthday Banner and some store bought Star Twirly decoration things.
 Each room or decoration area had a couple of Heroes that made the theme/colors for that room.  This is the Iron Man and Thor Wall - RED, YELLOW and BLACK.  Worked out well!
Of Course, it would not be complete without these rosettes that I made out of scrapbook paper and cardstock!!  Want to know how to make these yourself?  I just followed a great tutorial I found online and decorated them with the icons of the Super Heroes.  Everyone got 2 rosettes.  One bigger and one smaller!  Of course, I forgot which tutorial I used and didn't Pin it, so if I find it I will link it here. Sorry. :)
 I think they turned out GREAT! It was a little time consuming to create so be forewarned!  That being said however, they were the most commented decoration at the party.  Worth the time in my opinion.
This is the Hulk/Hawk Eye Room.  Also known as the Food Table.  Under these streamers is my kid's artwork display in our breakfast area.  Usually I cover it up before hanging the streamers, but this was less work and looked fine!
 Of course here, the colors are GREEN, PURPLE and BLACK.  The boys liked this one the best!

 And here is the Captain America Corner!  The present opening space.  Captain America is M's favorite, so it was a must!
 Of course, the rosettes here will be able to be used again around the Fourth of July!! To decorate the area I used decorations I found on clearance from Walmart after the 4th!!  Very inexpensive and they looked great!!
 I did create this banner that showcased all of the Avengers for my little Super Hero!  Do you love it?!  You can get it at my Esty Shop here!!

 You can even get it with your little Super Hero's name on the banner too!
 Here are the Rosettes for Cap himself!
 Near the gifts I created this adorable Subway Art for my little Avenger!  I've made one for each birthday so far and the boys love it! Want one for your Super Hero?!  I have them available in my Etsy Shop as well!  Check it out here!
 Speaking of food!!! Check out this spread! A lot of thought went into this, so I hope you enjoy it!
 There's Iron Man Dad mixing up some Hulk Punch!  I tell you, there is no greater Man or Dad than one that will dress up like a Super Hero for his kid!  And a big plus that he helps out with the party food too!!  I love that man!
 First up on the Super Food tour is the "S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinach Dip.  It is just cold spinach dip and some chips.  I've also seen this done with Blue Corn Chips to make it look similar to the HULK.
 Of course, Hawkeye's Arrows for the veggie tray.  I cut the carrots, celery and peppers extra small so they would be uniform in size.  That's ranch dip in the center.  I used a sundae dish to put the dip in so that the veggies could fit on the plate around the stem!
 Here's Captain America's Shield for the Fruit Tray.  The star and white ring are mini marshmallows.  I formed the star by using a star shaped cookie cutter, putting the marshmallows in and then filling the area around it with the blueberries.  Once they and the 1st red ring was in place (raspberries) I lifted the cookie cutter and fixed the straggling marshmallows to look right!  The outer red ring are red delicious apples that we arranged to only show the peal.  This was a favorite for most of the kids and healthy too!!
 Iron Man got the Arc Reactors.  These are bagel bites that I added a small slice of mozzarella cheese to the center.  I just cut string cheese into small slices to make this easy.  Then baked them and put them on a plate!
 Thor's Hammers are pretzel sticks into cubes of cheese.  I used 3 different kinds because I like variety.  The choices were Extra Sharp Cheddar, Mozzarella and Colby Jack.
 I needed something more of substance to serve since this party took place during lunchtime.  I decided that I wanted to do Pigs in a Blanket, but couldn't think of anything cute to call them.  Then someone suggested to call them something with a uniform or suit...this is what I thought of: Avengers Suit Up.  It worked and was delicious! :)
Here is the cake that I made.  It was an in depth 3 day process. I made the fondant from marshmallows using this tutorial.  That was Day 1.  Day 2 was making the cake.  Of course, since everything has to be extremely complicated and can never be simple, I couldn't just make a white cake.  I had to create this:
Everyone was very impressed!  Especially M!  Day 3 of course was assembling and decorating the cake to become what you see here!
The Star was made with powdered sugar and the same cookie cutter from the fruit tray.  I accidentally threw away the unused white fondant before I cut out the star to decorate the top.  Mistake, but I kinda liked how the star looked distressed and all as the result. I do have to say, the cake tasted DELICIOUS and very very sweet.  Not at all like cardboard.  This was my first attempt at making fondant, and I'm not sure if I will do it again, but this was very cool!
 To drink, M wanted to have Hulk Punch so Green Punch it is!
 There were two types of drinks to choose from.  The one in the punch bowl is your typical Lime Sherbert and Lemon-Lime Soda Mix that is served at every Baptist Wedding or event. It was served at ours in fact. :) I think this was the first thing I ever learned to make. :) The beverage container held the Lemonade. I added a couple of drops of blue food coloring to make it green!  Looked and tasted amazing!
 Here are some pictures of the table that all the kiddos sat at.  Just your basic party tablecloths, left over 4th of July decor and some Super Heroes!
 Fun, easy and decorative!
For Favors I made a few things.  All the boys got Cardboard Captain America Shields and the girls got these Super Hero Masks made out of cardstock.  All the children got some adorable Super Hero Capes made from fleece and Velcro.  No sewing involved! Everyone loved it!  
Here's a pic of my sister modeling all 3 items. :)
 We had a great time!  It was really fun to create this party.  I hope you can get some great ideas for a Super Party of your own!! M got the Captain America costume for his birthday and had to change into it mid party. :)


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  2. Do you mind sharing how you made the punch in the punch bowl?

    1. It's about a half a carton of lime sherbet and a 2 liter of Sprite or 7-Up. Put the sherbet in the bowl first then pour the Coke/Soda/Pop over the sherbet until the bowl is full or until it is the consistency you like. I find it's best to let the sherbet sit out a bit to soften first. Break up the sherbet and stir together. It will foam up and look really cool! It's not an exact science, but you can't really go wrong.

  3. Where did you get the food signs?

  4. Where did you get the food signs?

    1. I made them. Then printed them out on card stock and cut some colored scrapbook cardstock too and glued it all together

    2. Can you send me your labels please? Mystphil@gmail.com

  5. Will like the labels for the food pleaseeee.. thank you