August 31, 2012

Easter Wreath

So I really wanted to incorporate the cross for this wreath and since it's only up for the season of Easter, I wanted it easy but simple.  I used the same grapevine wreath from my Spring Wreath and just removed the decorations to decorate it for Easter!  This wreath cost me $0 since I used supplies that I already had laying around the house!

Hot Glue

How to:
Trace a cross onto a cardboard box.  Then paint in the design and colors of your choice.  I raided my boys' craft paints and decided to use some polka dots. After the paint is dry, use a permanent marker to write the phrase of your choice.

I used a lot of ribbon for this design.  I actually used 2 different types of ribbon and cut them into 2 pieces.  Wrap the first piece starting at the top clockwise around the wreath.  When you reach the top again, glue the pieces together. Repeat with the smaller ribbon right on top of the larger ribbon.  Then take your second piece of larger ribbon, starting at the top and wrap the wreath counterclockwise.  Again, glue at the top, at repeat with the smaller ribbon.

Hot Glue the cross to the top and bottom of the wreath in the center and hang on your door or mantle! :)

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