August 30, 2012

My Fall Door "Wreath"

So I needed to spruce up our front door decor and had to take our 4th of July Wreath down, so I decided to whip this little one up.  I hope you like it! It literally only cost like $5 to make it, including the frame I got at a garage sale!  And of course, since nothing is permanent, you can change it whenever you like!!

Chip board Letter
Masking or Painters Tape
Twigs from your yard
Pine cone from your yard
Random silk flower
Floral Wire

How to:
Take the twigs, pine cone, and flower and attach them to the frame with floral wire.  No gluing needed!!  Then wrap the chip board letter in the twine.  Use tape to attach the last bit of twine to the back of the letter and then attach to the frame with the ribbon.  That's it! You're done and have a cute decoration for your front door! :)

1 comment:

  1. I saw her make this first hand. She did such a terrific job! And it wasn't time consuming. All the supplies were from right in the yard, or in her collection of craftiness. I highly recommend this! :)