January 2, 2014

Silver & Red Christmas Mantle

It's Christmas time again!!  Here's a pic of my beautiful Mantle:
So this year I decorated my entire house in the same manner as last year.  If you want to see details of those decorations, see my post here.

With that being said however, I was not incredibly in love with my mantle last year.  Here's a pic of the 2012 Christmas Mantle:
More or less...I did end up making the sign that I wanted to and it went in that big empty spot there.  Here is the sign I finished:
I love this sign!  A lot!  It really embodies the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate in the first place!  The only problem is that it did NOT match with the Country Christmas Decor that was currently gracing my Mantle.  I didn't even get any pictures of it all together because it was so close to time to take it down and I didn't really like it anyway.  

So, I knew that this year I would want something different.  And I knew it needed to match my new sign so I decided to go with a Silver and Red theme this year.  I scoured Hobby Lobby, Target and Joann's for discounted Christmas decor and tucked it all away in my Christmas Storage Closet.  Really not sure how it would come together for my 2013 Mantle.  

So this year, I pulled out everything I acquired and started to create.  I have to say, I AM in love with this year's Mantle.  See for yourself:
Here is a better picture of it with just the twinkly Christmas lights:
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  So here are the elements in detail...
 This is just a simple cardboard sign I found that was silver and sparkly...2 things I wanted in my Christmas decor.  I set it on top of my glass candle holders with some sparkly silver decoration ball things to give it some texture.
 Add a candle with sparkly silver glitter that I decorated myself using this post's tutorial and of course my silver stocking hangers.
 For the middle of the Mantle, I found these beautiful Luminaries depicting the birth of Christ and His visitors.  I love these!
I also made this Christmas Tree out of a Cereal Box!! Check back for a tutorial on how to make your own!  It is the perfect amount of sparkle and red to accent this almost monochromatic mantle.
On the right I found this silver (and sparkly) tree and hoisted it up with another glass candle holder and the same sparkly silver balls.
 And of course, some more stocking holders and another red candle.  You'll notice I also added some red tea light holders.  They were on Clearance at Target for something like 25 cents each...AWESOME!

And to top it all off, of course, my wooden sign that I spray painted silver!  Did I mention that I love it?! :)
You may also notice that my garland is a little different.  Again, for reference, here is the 2012 garland...
You may be able to see it, but in case you can't, there are pine cones and red berries all throughput this non lit, Country Garland.  And here is the 2013 Garland:
See, lights, no pine cones, no berries...at least not red ones.  THIS garland has little silver snowflakes and silver berries and some frosted branches.  It is still the same garland and the same red ribbon.  I actually added the lights as an afterthought, which is why they look all catty wonkered.  It will look better next year. :)

I hope you enjoyed my 2013 Silver and Red Christmas Mantle.  I do...and honestly that's what counts right. :)  I'll leave you with some beautiful pictures of everything as we like to enjoy it...Fireplace lit and all aglow!  Merry Christmas!


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