January 31, 2014

Marriage License Canvas

I recently got an idea that I wanted to display our marriage license.  Of course I didn't want to just break out a shadow box, and display an old piece of paper with my bouquet, but I did want something unique and interesting, yet still true to who we are.  So, I came up with this:
 I took a piece of old canvas that was sitting around and painted a chevron pattern on it.  By the way, it takes a long time to tape off a chevron pattern! :)
Then I went to my Silhouette machine and cut out our initial onto a copy of our marriage license and modge podged it onto the canvas.  After that, I outlined it in black sharpie.
 Using the Silhouette again, I cut some vinyl of our names and our wedding date and stuck it to the canvas.
 Voila!  A unique and creative way to display your marriage license! P REALLY likes it.  He couldn't believe it was actually OUR license!  Perfect to display since this year will be 10 years! Time really flies I'm telling you!  What do you think?

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