March 20, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Mantle

Happy March!

I know it's almost over and this post is overdue, but I just had to share with you my Wedding Anniversary Mantle!  I had so much fun pulling out all of my Wedding stuff and displaying it.  Unfortunately, March this year also means St Patrick's Day and Easter, so I won't get to put up those mantles, but it is worth it!

This is a picture of our wedding party.  You can also see some of our bubble wedding favors here.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding! Us praying after taking Communion for the first time as Husband and Wife.  Our Ring Pillow was made out of my mother's wedding dress.  It's very vintage and I used the lace to create the details.  You can also see P's boutonniere.

These are our actual wedding chalices.  You can't see very well, but they are engraved with "Mr. Smith" and "Mrs. Smith" and our wedding date.  P looked like Mr. Monopoly with his top hat and cane.  So dashing!

This was displayed by P's Groom's Cake.
This was our wedding cake topper.  You can also see some of our "guest book." in this picture.  We framed one of our engagement photos and had everyone sign the mats instead of a book.  This way we can always see who came. :)

Our Unity Candle.  I made the design with a little hot glue and beads.  It's fallen apart throughout the years.
Our wedding album and anniversary album.  It has the first 10 years of celebrations in it along with a photo so that we can see how we've changed.
His top hat, my veil and crown.  This is also a silk replica of my bouquet that I used as a display the day of our wedding.

This is an anniversary present that P got me this year!!  We celebrated 9 years and the traditional gifts are pottery and willow.  I think he did a great job!

I made this banner this year because the mantle just wasn't complete. It's our anniversary.  9 years!!  I got the template for the banner here.  She has all the letters, numbers and some fun shapes to print for FREE!  It was really easy to print out and then I glued it to some blue and yellow card stock to match our wedding colors.  It is displayed with clothespins attaching to some white tulle.  Very weddingy. :)
I hope you enjoyed my Wedding Mantle! I love it and it's very personal. After this month it will all go back in the box and we'll pull it out again next year!

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