March 20, 2013

Wipe Off Writing Worksheet

So G is working on writing at school and the teacher keeps sending home already completed worksheets.  I really wanted to work on this at home with him, so I decided to make some reusable worksheets of our own!

Thus the Dry Erase Dot to Dot sheet was born!
Clear Contact Paper
Printer/Copy Paper
How To:
Take your plain, printer/copy paper and sharpie and dot your letters.  I made 2 sheets, one with upper case and one with lower case.
I drew some lines on it first so that I knew it would be straight.

I also added some numbers for them to trace as well.  In the blank lines I finished the worksheet with G's and M's names and some other sight words.
Then take your contact paper and cut a length twice the size of your paper so you can cover both sides.  Take off the paper on half of the contact paper and lay your completed sheet face down.
Then take the paper off the other half and gently smooth it onto the back of your sheet.  Make sure there are no bubbles.  Sometimes it helps to take off the paper AS you are smoothing it onto the back.  That technique worked the best for me anyway. :) Trim around the edges and you are done!

You can write on it with any dry erase marker and it wipes clean very easily! The boys love writing on their sheets and now we can work on it at home!!

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