September 1, 2012

Pumpkin Topiaries

Yay!!  It's September and that means Fall is just around the corner!!  I'm so excited because that means I can finally decorate my house with pumpkins, leaves and all the great fall decor!! To celebrate I made these cute pumpkin topiaries this afternoon!  Check them out!

They were so easy to make too!
6 foam pumpkins (you can get all the same color, or mix and match)
Silk fall leaves
Hot Glue
Wire Cutters or Scissors

I picked some pumpkins from the section where you can add to wreaths and garland, so my pumpkins have little sticks on the bottom of them.  This is not a problem.
How To:
Remove the pumpkin stems from only 4 of the pumpkins. 
If you have the sticks on the pumpkins like me, remove those from all of them.
I just tugged really hard and they pulled out. 

Hot glue the 2 upper pumpkins to the bottom pumpkin. 

This is what it looks like all stacked and glued:  

Next, cut the leaves apart from each other with the wire cutters.  Cut all the way to the fabric of the leaf.  You don't need any stem and it will affect the way your pumpkin will sit if you leave a long stem.

Then hot glue the leaves to the bottom of the pumpkin stack

 And there you have it, beautiful pumpkin topiaries!
I placed mine outside on tall candlesticks.  They are meant for pillar candles, so they had a little spike that helped me attach the topiaries very well and they won't fall down!  I think they look great by my front door! I can't wait to put up all the other pumpkins by the door!


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