September 7, 2012

Cereal box to In Box

Ever wish you had a place to organize all that incoming mail, or bills, or papers from school...or basically anything that is cluttering up your table or counter?  Well, I was in need of a place to put new orders from my MK business, and my assistant (my sister) mentioned that I needed some sort of in box for her.  Alas, a craft is born!  This is the finished product:

This was so easy to make!  And it literally was FREE to make, just use what you have around the house.  If you don't have any paper you like, then it might cost you a little, but not much...maybe only a $1 or so.
Empty Cereal Box (or Cracker Box)
1 Sheet of 12 x 12 Scrapbook Paper
Modge Podge
Craft Brush
How To:
First, you will need to trace off your "in box" dimensions.
I used 2.5" from the left side and then 3" from the bottom.
Make sure you also draw straight lines on the sides of your box to mark where you will cut them as well.  Then draw a diagonal line from the 2 markings and start to cut your design.
Next step is to cut out your box following your marked lines.
Your project so far should now look like this:
Getting closer!  Now it's time to trace your template onto your scrapbook paper.  Use the edges of the paper so that you will be able to get all the necessary pieces on your 1 sheet of paper.  Make a template for the bottom of your box as well if you like...I did.
You will need a total of 5 templates if you are also papering the bottom of your box.  They will all fit if you place the two large sides on opposite ends of the paper from each other.
Now, cut out your templates and place them aside.  Next get out the modge podge and apply a light coat to 1 side.  Do one at a time so that you are not dealing with a sticky box. :)
One at a time, place your paper onto your box!  That's it! It should now look like this:
I added a "label" just in case I forgot what it was for on mine. :)


Pretty cool huh?!


Now to make one for an "out/to file box." :) 
Happy crafting!

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