September 5, 2017

Elf on the CHRISTmas Shelf - Plan 2: Days 7-9

Turkey got a little adventurous today and decided to use our stair railing as a sledding ramp.  It's a good thing he didn't fall off and break his head!  Glue Dots are the best!!

Turkey's letter today talked about how our words can either be sweet or not. He encouraged the boys to watch what they say today and to be aware that our words should be sweet just like the candy canes he left them!

I originally meant to set up a mini drum set using canned goods and lids, but in my crazy Christmas Season life, I just didn't get around to it.  Good thing my kids have a set of drums from Rock Band that we could use!
I just used a rubber band and an old chopstick to make his drumsticks.  This was a hit with the boys for sure!
Turkey's letter expresses the importance of giving to those in need.  It also wishes our oldest a Happy Heart Day!  This was the 10th anniversary of G's Open Heart Surgery! That day literally saved his life and we are so grateful!  We celebrate this day every year to remind us how good God is and how He always watches over us.

Turkey asked us to donate some food to the food pantry or shelter, so we headed to our local grocery store and bought some canned goods to put in the donation bucket.  I do have to say, it is really nice to do all these actions with my boys in tow.  Hopefully this will instill in them a spirit of Service and a love for "even the least of these."

Today Turkey dressed up like Super Man and did his best to fly at the top of the doorway.  I just used a mask from an image scan and made him a cute little cape as well to wear. It was a hit!
Today, Turkey let us off the hook for any actual activities, but he did encourage us to read together and to him.  Plus it encouraged the boys not only to read their Bible, but then we got to talk about how selfless the little boy actually was by sacrificing his lunch to Jesus.

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To download my entire Plan 2 Elf on the CHRISTmas Shelf document click here.  There are 30 different ideas here and it is complete with all the needed supplies and pictures (minus letters)!
I am happy to personalize my letters for you and your child(ren) if you like. See my Etsy listing for 25 days of Kindness Letters that correspond with this plan.  You may always add more if needed for an additional cost.

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