August 6, 2015

S is for....School Mantle

It's that time of year again!  This year is especially difficult for me because my baby...starts Kindergarden!!! I can't believe it!  I'm going to be a giant puddle of tears come Thursday for sure!  Anyway, July is over and I got tired of looking at my patriotic mantle that I decided I needed something different.  It's too early for my Fall Mantle (sad face) so I came up with this...

It's my Back-to-School Mantle.  It's pretty simple really.  I just added a few of my staples, my old window, a couple of initials for SMITH or SCHOOL, some pictures of my family and my cuties and some candles.  I also added these in the apothecary jars...

Yes, those are some extra school supplies.  And there are my cuties!  I also found a really awesome Chalkboard at Target this year at the Dollar Spot!!

The one on the right is the one I found. Of course, when I realized that I actually needed 2 and went back to get it, they were sold out...figures.  So I found the framed chalkboard on the left at Hobby Lobby and made it to look similar.  Most of the words are permanent so I used a paint pen to create those but left the blanks so we could use them year after year.  I just wrote the rest of the info in chalk.  Can you believe that G is going into 3rd grade this year!?!?!  And M...Kindergarden?!?!?!?!  Again, puddle of tears.  I also added a clock behind the chalkboards to signify that ever so fast ticking away of time. 

They will never be this young again...ah...oh well.  I hope you enjoyed this Mantle and are ready for your kiddos to head back to school!  

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