December 1, 2012

Candles fit for a Princess

Here are the adorable candles that I made for the Princess Baby Shower!

This was SO easy!  All you need are a few supplies and some Royal ideas!

Spray Adhesive
Masking Tape (or Painters Tape)
Polyacrylic Spray

How to:
First, you need to create your design.  Apply the tape in any design you wish on the candle.  Remember anything below the tape will be filled with glitter.  I needed several pieces of tape.  It's best to use scissors to cut the tape to get the straight lines for the crown points. (I forgot to take pictures of this step before I completed a candle.)

Then wrap paper around your candle to cover everything you don't want to be covered in glitter.  Tape in place.  Make sure everything thing is covered that you don't wand blinged up.

Then spray the adhesive onto the exposed section of the candle.  Let dry about 10 seconds to make it really tacky.  Then shake glitter over the exposed section to cover.  Do this over a sheet of paper so that you can reuse any glitter that doesn't stick to the candle. 

Let dry about 10 - 20 minutes or so.  Then spray with the Polyacrylic Spray.  I used the satin finish because that's what I had and the glitter still shines well.  I think though if I were buying it for this project I'd buy the glossy sheen to add more sparkle and shine to the glitter.  The Polyacrylic will help to keep your glitter on the candle.  Some will still fall off and get onto your hands, but not near as much as you would have if there wasn't the coat of Ploy on it.  You can add more coats if you really want a good seal if you want. 

Let dry as long as the spray recomends (30 or so minutes) and take the paper off.  Then take the tape off very carefully. 

Voila! Your finished candle is now a Royal Treat! :)  Light and enjoy!

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