October 2, 2012

Puzzle Organization

So my children are all of a sudden REALLY into puzzles.  I'm glad because it's a great activity that doesn't involve media and promotes patience, problem solving and color coordination.  The only problem is that they are not really good at keeping the pieces together with the right puzzles, the boxes are getting torn and we are running out of storage space.

Behold...an idea!!

What if I put the pieces in a baggie?!!?! I'm sure this shear moment of brilliance has not eluded you, but just in case it has...it's simple!

Clear Tape
Ziploc type bag

How To:
Cut out a picture of the completed puzzle from the box

Put all the pieces of the puzzle in the bag

Tape the picture to the bag

Voila!  Now we can store these puzzles in a smaller space, and they can clean them up easily!! :)

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